Sustainability is a central guiding principle and a key criterion for NRW.BANK’s decisions on business policy. It is reflected in all phases of NRW.BANK’s corporate activities, starting from its strategic and business policy decisions to the shaping of its range of products and services down to the implementation of specific financings, its capital market activities and the advisory services it provides. NRW.BANK understands the economic, environmental, social and corporate governance aspects of sustainability as being inextricably linked.

  1. Explanatory Notes on the Sustainability Strategy of NRW.BANK

    The Explanatory Notes on the Sustainability Strategy explain how the central guiding principle of sustainability is dealt with.

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  2. ESG Promotion Requirements

    The ESG Promotion Requirements describe how sustainability aspects are taken into account in our promotional products and services.

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  3. NRW.BANK.ESG Investment Framework

    In addition to the Sustainability strategy and sustainability reporting, the NRW.BANK.ESG Investment Framework creates further transparency about the integration of ESG criteria into our investment portfolio.

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  4. Environmental Statement of NRW.BANK

    The Environmental Statement describes NRW.BANK’s commitment to environmental protection, the Bank’s environmental performance and how it is to be further improved going forward.

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  5. NRW.BANK’s Declaration of Human Rights

    The Declaration of Human Rights describes the importance NRW.BANK attaches to human rights and the measures it takes to live up to its responsibility.

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Selection of strategic objectives of NRW.BANK for 2024 et seq.

  • Strengthen and expand environmentally and socially sustainable promotional products

  • Strengthen and expand the sustainable capital market business

  • Optimise the company’s consumption / save resources

  • Support the Paris climate goals with regard to the target of climate neutrality by 2045

  • Build up a Bank-wide impact management system

NRW.BANK Sustainability Programme for Download

You can download the current sustainability programme here - our previous sustainability objectives and activities you can find in our archive.

  1. NRW.BANK Sustainability Programme 2024 et seq.

    Our current sustainability objectives and activities for 2024 et seq.

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