NRW.BANK’s Philosophy: Promote NRW

At NRW.BANK you can help shape the future in NRW! As the promotional bank for North Rhine-Westphalia, we promote the people, economy and culture in the region – a challenging and responsible task that NRW.BANK can only fulfil with committed and qualified employees. As an employer, NRW.BANK offers its employees a wide range of benefits and services in return.

The following sections give you an insight into work at NRW.BANK and an overview of the offers and opportunities that await you at the Bank. In addition to a corporate culture of togetherness, this includes interesting tasks, very good development opportunities, state-of-the-art technical equipment, mobile working, a broad range of qualification offers and a permanently secure job. In addition, we offer a market-oriented remuneration package and attractive social benefits. We thus strive to lay the foundations for fulfilling our promotional mission also in the future – with employees who flexibly adapt to new challenges. We need you to promote what moves NRW.

Advantages of Working at NRW.BANK

  • Tailor-made induction and swift assumption of responsibility

    Whether you join one of our highly qualified and committed teams or a new project, we will always ensure that you receive a comprehensive and time-balanced induction into our work and gradually take on more and more responsibility.

  • Competitive salary

    NRW.BANK’s remuneration systems are competitive and attractive. They are based on collective bargaining agreements and, for employees not covered by collective agreements, on differentiated comparative data from the banking market. We do not use any variability, i.e. all collectively agreed, above-tariff and non-tariff remuneration components including individual bonuses are paid on a binding and permanent basis. The remuneration level is initially based on the requirements of your function and then also takes into account sustainable personal criteria such as expertise, skills and workplace experience.

    This ensures that important principles of the Bank such as long-term commitment, responsibility and sustainability also become pillars of our human resources policy.

  • Additional old-age provisions

    In addition to a company pension scheme funded exclusively by the Bank, NRW.BANK offers its employees the opportunity to make their own old-age provisions.

    NRW.BANK finances a company pension scheme in the form of a direct pension commitment. This means that employees are credited with a salary-dependent pension component every year (funded by the employer).

    In addition, you have the opportunity to top up your future pension by partially converting your salary. The converted parts of your salary can be invested in the form of a direct commitment (deferred compensation model) and/or a direct insurance (funded by the employee). The paid-in salary parts are free of tax and social security charges. The tax burden is thus shifted to the time of retirement, when it is likely to be lower.

  • Further education in banking, methods, IT and personality

    We promote the further education of our employees by means of traditional HR development measures, i.e. specialised, methodological, personality and leadership seminars, but also through coaching, mentoring and individual measures that help our employees perform their tasks and continuously develop themselves in the process.

    We also offer an on-the-job staff development programme for the targeted promotion of degree-related further qualification measures. In this field, the Bank cooperates in particular with Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and FOM (Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management); for function and department-specific degrees (e.g. accountant, CFA, etc.), we cooperate with established and recognised training providers. We support further education both financially and by granting special leave and maintaining a student network.

  • Working environment

    We offer you a permanently secure job in a stable, yet dynamic environment. We attach great importance to offering our employees a good working atmosphere, professional success and a value-oriented corporate culture. Our modern workplaces are regularly kept up to date.

  • Working time

    NRW.BANK’s time-recording system for self-managed working time (EVA) allows you to responsibly manage your own working time. This form of working time organisation takes your individual plans and operational requirements into account.

  • Work and family

    The Work & Family Agreement promotes the compatibility of our employees’ work and family life needs. In addition to leave of absence and part-time work based on federal and state laws, NRW.BANK offers voluntary benefits to improve life-phase-oriented compatibility. In cooperation with pme Familienservice GmbH, an independent counselling and placement service, we help our employees find reliable child care or offer advice in care situations.

    We have repeatedly been certified as a family-friendly company for our extensive services aimed at ensuring the balance of work and family life. The respective audits were performed by berufundfamilie gGmbH. We have received awards for our flexible and individual working time models to name but one example.

  • Occupational health and safety

    The Bank’s medical service and our Social Officer support us in all matters of health protection. This enables NRW.BANK to assist its employees at an early stage and to take preventive action. We attach great importance to occupational health and safety. Our Occupational Safety Officer and our voluntary Safety Officers plan and implement accident prevention measures at NRW.BANK and are responsible for creating humane workplaces and working conditions.

  • Mobility and flexibility at work and on the way to work

    Working from home and taking additional days off in line with your individual requirements are possible at NRW.BANK, as are part-time and flexitime solutions. We also offer you a job ticket for getting to work by bus and train in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Last but not least

    Our canteens in Düsseldorf and Münster cook delicious, balanced and healthy meals every day!

What Our Employees Say

  • "If you are committed and want to get involved, you will find many interesting projects and opportunities here. The job is never boring and creativity is appreciated."

  • "Excellent! The Managing Board itself also often communicates with the staff via digital formats. There are various ways to get information via communication media (intranet, newsletter, digital staff magazine, etc.) or dialogue-oriented event formats. Anyone who claims to be ill-informed here is not reading anything or participating anywhere – which is almost impossible."

  • "NRW.BANK will not let you down if you find yourself in a difficult private situation during your professional life, e.g. due to illness."

  • "All superiors I had at NRW.BANK (there were many of them over the years) always listened to me without exception and gave me as much freedom as possible. Further development was always supported."

  • "Great offices, best technical equipment, working from home during the coronavirus pandemic worked very well."

  • "I enjoy working with my colleagues, there is an open and trusting atmosphere."

  • "Depends on the department, but overall very good."

  • "The salary is competitive, the company pension scheme is excellent."

  • "NRW.BANK lives up to its role as a promotional bank and pursues the principle of sustainability in many facets. For example, the Bank regularly issues sustainable bonds (Green and Social Bonds) that reflect its sustainable promotional business."

Your Career at NRW.BANK

NRW.BANK is looking for committed employees who act on their own responsibility, are open to new challenges and attach importance to professional and personal further development.

We offer you a challenging and promoting corporate culture, which provides freedom, allows you to act on your own initiative and is characterised by mutual respect.

Please click on the link below to access our current job offers and apply online via our applicant management system.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any other positions.

It goes without say that the personal data provided in your application documents will strictly be protected. 
If you have any questions in advance or during the application process, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Our team is looking forward to you!